Social media usage and mental health conditions

Social media is a bliss, yet its disadvantages cannot be ignored. If we measure its benefits and disgraces, we shall find them exhibiting equal values on a scale. Social media sites have connected people as much as it has disconnected them. We prefer texting rather than having a face to face conversation. Meet ups are almost rare now.

These days, a lot of studies target the effects of social media on human health. Recent research works have analysed and revealed an important fact that social media causes poor mental health.  People tend to stay late till night and even in the early morning hours using social media sites continuously, which highly influences their sleep hours and hence, their minds remain devoid of rest.

In a study which was conducted among 700 school going children in Ottawa, so as to discover social media usage effects on mental health, it was found that those individuals with a poorer state of mental health, were three times more likely to use such social sites for a period of more than two hours in a day as compared to pupils with no mental health issues.

Health experts have shared their opinion in this topic that, there is a connection between social media usage and deteriorating mental health, especially during adolescence period.  Researchers say that since this is a sensitive period of life, one should understand the effects of social media on the sleep, well being and other health factors of an individual going through adolescence. If you are feeling low or experiencing anxiety, it might be because of your inappropriate social media usage habits.

“If you are predisposed to anxiety, it seems that the pressures from technology act as a tipping point, making people feel more insecure and more overwhelmed”, says Nicky Lidbetter, who Anxiety UK’s CEO.