Social media and mental health

Ever since its emergence, social media has occupied a great aspect of our daily routine. It is now a norm to use social media websites even at unusual places such as the street, parks, or even in bathrooms!

Today’s generation is known to possess with an instinct to use these sites since early ages. Science says that this over usage of socially connecting websites can lead to deteriorating mental health conditions. According to researchers, social media, despite of its remarkable advantages, has brought in a new stress in to the lives of teenagers.

Social media pressure is likely to produce anxiety and depression in teens, this is according to what Medical News Today reported on September 12, 2015. Teens who remain online 24 hours a day are more prone to be influenced.

A team of study authors, which included two science personalities from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom, Holly Scott and Dr. Heather Cleland Woods, targeted 467 teenagers who belonged to the age group between 11 to 17 years and from the same school, to complete a questionnaire which included inquiries regarding anxiety, depression, quality of sleep and self esteem. The questionnaire also included queries about the amount of time these teenagers invested daily in social media usage.

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram were the social media sites which the teens reported to use on a daily basis. Study authors found that poor quality of sleep, reduced self esteem, high rates of anxiety and more depression was found in teen subjects who invested their emotional component in using social media sites more often than those people who invested lesser emotions in these activities.

According to the British Psychological society, the pressure to be available on these social sites may harm the mental health of teens. As Dr. Woods say, that lack of good sleep during adolescence period of one’s life, increases the probability of disturbed mental health.