The “smart” panic ring

Ring hides a panic button which sends a warning signal to friends and emergency services when the one who wears it is at risk. The button is hidden on the underside of the ring, which is a normal jewelry. When is pressed down for three seconds, calls for help those contained in the mobile phone contacts or people who are within 280 meters, receiving message with the position and the user’s personal data via the app Nimb, according to Dezeen.

If someone is in danger, by trying to find his cell phone, to activate and send a message it takes a long time and in such cases even the few seconds are precious. Manufacturers of smart device had the idea to put the panic button on the ring, which is connected with the application of the holder of the mobile phone. The ring sends emergency notifications via Bluetooth to a default contact list on the mobile phone, including friends, family members, people in the vicinity and other persons specified by the application Nimb.

The ring – which was presented in the “technology exhibition worn,” the Wearable Technology Show in London can also automatically call the police and give the holder’s name and the location of the call center.