Six men arrested for the attack in Manchester.

`A woman was released, without being accused, who was arrested in the Blackpool area, in connection with the attack at the Manchester Stadium, as announced by the Manchester police. As it has been known, eight people are being arrested for the attack, which are interrogated.

As the Guardian says, Britain’s police officers are focusing their research on the possibility that Salman Abidy was a member of a wider terrorist network but also about the real purpose of his recent visit to Libya. His father, Ramadan and his younger brother, Hashim, 20 years old were arrested by a paramilitary organization in Tripoli, suspected of connection with the Islamic State.

Under British police investigations are the contacts that Abidy had in Manchester, including members of the Libyan community living in the city.

The British authorities believe that the suicide bomber must have been supported because of the organized nature of the attack he has committed. Images of the bomb mechanism released yesterday reinforce the view that it should be constructed by someone with knowledge.

“It is likely that it does not seem to have done the attack on its own,” said Britain’s Home Secretary, Amber Rand. The police in Manchester assume that the bomb maker is likely to remain free while increased military security measures are being implemented with the mobilization of the army.

Abidy’s father said to¬†Reuters in Libya, Tripoli, that he telephoned his son for the last time about five days ago and “everything was normal.” Ramadan Abidy, arrested by members of the anti-terror service in Tripoli, said his son Salman told his family that he would go to Mecca for pilgrimage.

“I talked to him about five days ago, there was no problem, everything was normal, “said Abidy, adding that he is sure his son was not a member of the Islamic State. “Salman was not a member of any organization,” he said. “The family is confused as Salman did not have this ideology, he did not support these beliefs,” he said, “We condemn these terrorist acts against civilians, innocent people,” he concluded.