Signs of suicide- don’t ignore them

September stands for ‘suicide awareness’, as you already know. In our previous posts this month, we related a lot regarding suicide and the awareness campaign. Now we are going to share a little about ‘signs of suicide’ which must be carefully observed and watched in individuals around us, whom we feel are prone to such circumstances.

Research shows that depression is likely to increase chances of suicidal attempts in a person. It has been studied that depressed people have more suicidal tendencies than normal. Same is the case with bipolar disease. With the rising incidences of suicide every year, awareness campaigns must work on acknowledging people more regarding this issue. According to an estimate, in every 13 seconds, somebody in the U.S dies due to suicide.

There are certain signs related to the behavior of a person who wills to suicide. The mental condition of such people is not quite sound, and it is not safe to leave them alone for hours or even minutes.

If they mention about dying…..

This is a clear alarm when a person talks about willing to die, or about their thoughts of being burden to their family, home or society. Although it is not true all the time but still, it counts in as an important sign. This sign is meaningful specially in cases of individuals who are too much physically or emotionally burdened, and often talk about ‘giving up’ or ‘having enough’.

If such a person is quite close to you, ask them directly about it.

Behavioral changes….

Attention must be paid to the behavioral changes of your loved ones or any one around you whom you meet daily. Low moods, lesser enjoyment, disturbed sleep or excessive sleep, less or too much of eating, ignorance of hygiene, etc. all these are counted in suicidal signs. Though it is quite normal for disturbed people to behave this way, however if any one is likely to commit such an act and exhibits these signs, special care must be taken then.