Sign of extraterrestrial civilization received a Canadian telescope

An impressively powerful and mysterious signal from the depths of space has been spotted by scientists in Canada. This is the sixth time that the same signal is emitted from this point.

The CHIME team places the signal source at a distance of 1.5 billion light years from the Earth and estimates it does not come from a cataclysmic event (explosion of super nova and so on), but it is an artificial creation of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Harvard’s scientific team, analyzing the data, stressed that “it is being ejected by a space alien” lighthouse “rather than a cataclysmic event.The specific signal was Fast Radio Burst and is just one of the 60 that scientists have recorded over the past 13 years but is the most powerful,

The new Canadian discovery was presented with two publications in the journal Nature, and an announcement was also made at the American Astronomical Society conference in Seattle.

The Canadian telescope in the Cocanagan valley in British Columbia, which consists of four half-cylindrical 100-meter-long antennas, identified the recurring FRB initially in the summer of 2018, and in the next few weeks there were additional radio waves, a total of 13 radio waves.

Today, over 60 FRBs have been detected (their first observation was in 2007), but repeated from the same source only once again in 2012 by the large radio telescope in Arequipo in Puerto Rico.

From exactly the same location six total signals have been taken, which makes the scientific community believe that it is a “beacon” creation of some beings.