Shocking video of police officer shooting his ex

The shocking video showing the moment a policeman shoots a woman captured police of Florida. He is the sheriff assistant in Palm Beach Province, Michael De Marco and the victim is his ex girlfriend, Yuli Solano.

The incident happened on October 12 when 55-year-old De Marco decided to ask for the reason of separation from his just a few weeks partner. In the video, De Marco is coming down from a car and askingĀ  41-year-old Solano who was walking her dog to talk

After a short fight, the policeman picks up the gun and shoots three times Solano by wounding her in her hand and chest. Solana told the police that just before he shot her she said “your behave worse than a dog” and then De Marco turned the gun over his head and killed him shelf.

Solana claims she had denounced at least twice the 55-year-old police officer for his behavior claiming to threaten her and damaging her car.