Shocking video of a mother trying to mail her baby to an orphanage

An incredible incident occurred this week in Fuksu, southeast China, when a young mother tried to mail her newborn child to an orphanage.
24-year-old Luo, for reasons that have not been known, wrapped her newborn baby with a lot of black plastic bags on Wednesday and called a courier to pick up the parcel.

When the man arrived for pickup, the woman refused to let him examine the contents of the “package” he would post in an orphanage.
However, the officer received it, but it did not take long to make a mistake. He began to observe the parcel that was moving and through which noises were heard. When he opened it and saw the baby, he was shocked.

Video released in Chinese social media shows the baby wrapped in garbage bags and crowd around it.

A person, with a cotton swab, tries to cool the lips of the newborn, so that it does not become dehydrated as the temperature reaches 37 degrees Celsius and has been wrapped for a long time in plastic.
The newborn baby has been transferred to a city hospital and remains in a steady state while, according to local authorities, its mother has been arrested and is facing kidnapping.

A spokeswoman for the hospital where the child was hired spoke to CNNi and made known that Lao wanted to take her child back.

However, many internet users are outraged at this possibility. “Give the baby back to the parents to gido the same again?” “Such people do not deserve to be parents and the state has to deprive them of this right,” are few of the dozens of Chinese citizens’ comments.