Shocking video of a man shooting dead his girlfriend

24-year-old shoots and kills his 21-year-old girlfriend outside a university in Thailand. The video clearly shows where an obsessed man can be led. Natasreya Thaparazit had been separated a long time from her murderer Pukapong Qitarom after five years of relationship, and despite the 24-year-old’s urge to find her, she insisted on her decision to stay away from each other.

According to the authorities, Qitarom waited for 21 years outside the students residence on Monday morning. When the unlucky girl saw him she said she did not want to talk to him, he insisted, as her 21-year-old friend, who witnessed the cold-blooded murder said.

“We came out of the students residence and Natasreya was angry when she saw him. He did not want to talk to him. He just wanted to go to the lesson. I’m shocked. I saw her fall dead in front of me. When I saw that he had a gun, I left. I do not know what to say. I do not know how he did it, “said her 21-year-old friend.

As shown in the video, the 24-year-old murderer, after having had an angry conversation with the 21-year-old, then shoots her on her chest. Then, according to the Thai police, the 24-year-old turned his gun on his face and shot himself but without losing his life after the rescuers who reached the point managed to save him.

Watch the shocking video of a man shooting dead his girlfriend