The shocking testimony of the man who took a photo of one of the London terrorists

The photograph of one of the terrorists of the London attack was shot by 25-year-old Gabriele Sciotto. Speaking to Guardian, he said he had gone to see the Champions League final at The Sheaf as he is a Juventus fan. As he walked to Park Street, he saw a man of about 35 years calling him “Run!! Terror attack”.

However, Sciotto, because he is a documentary reporter, continued on the same path. “I’m a documentary reporter and so I did what I know. I saw three people 20 meters away running from the opposite side of the Borrow market. Near them was a policeman who screamed out to them as if he wanted to scare them.

They ran to my side to escape the policeman. They turned left at Stoney Street to the Wheatsheaf pub. Suddenly, many police officers emerged from the opposite direction. They shouted “Stop, stop, stay on the ground.” Then the police shot them.

A little later he took  the photo of the terrorist laying  on the ground. Sciotto said when he took the photo, the man who was on the ground was still alive, though there was a lot of blood around him. “I saw him shaking. There was a lot of blood, and the policeman who was on top of him was scared.

Police officers were trying to make sure that the people in the Borrow market were safe and there were no injuries. They were trying to get them out. Their reaction was very fast “