Shocking research findings on human memory

Because people feel terribly embarrassed when they often meet an old friend, but they do not remember his name, it is the impression that we are very bad in keeping names. In fact, according to a new British scientific survey, people are better at remembering names than people.

The researchers, led by Dr Mike Burton, of the Department of Psychology, University of York, who made the relevant publication in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, experimented with a group of volunteers initially called to memorize a series of unknown faces and names, and then examined with a series of tests on what they all recall

It was found that participants were more systematically identifying and remembering the names (83 to 85% depending on the experiment) in relation to the persons (64% to 73%). The deviation was much smaller when the names and faces were related to famous personalities and not to strangers.

“Our study shows that although many people are terribly bad in remembering names, they are usually even worse in remembering faces. This will surprise many people, as it contradicts their intuitive understanding, “said researcher Rob Jinkins of the University of Glasgow.

It has also been confirmed that people usually realize they have forgotten a name after they have previously recognized that person’s face. “To recognize a person’s face, but not to remember his name, is an everyday phenomenon,” the British psychologist assured.