Shocking photos of the week!

Minsk, Belarus. The Circus Art Festival

Acrobat in a circus performs his number during the International Circus Art Festival in Minsk, Belarus, with entries from 16 countries.

Barcelona, Spain

The situation in Spain looks like war, two weeks before the referendum in Catalonia, for independence, with the Rahoyi government arresting members of the Catalan government, causing a wave of rage. Hundreds of people camped outside the Prosecutor’s Office in the night asking for the freedom of Catalan government officials arrested by the Guards.

Dominican Republic, Maria Hurricane

A woman tries to protect herself with a plastic bag as she goes to work while Hurricane Maria approaches the coasts of the Dominican Republic. The hurricane hit some parts of the Dominican Republic with heavy rains and fierce winds from the eastern coast of the country after causing extensive damage and flooding in Puerto Rico.

Nairobi, Kenya. A man with a disability was attacked by bees

A disabled man is on the road because he has not managed to escape from bees who attacked to police and passers-by outside the Supreme Court. People threw water to try to keep him conscious while he waited to reach the ambulance that took him to the nearest hospital.

Balakali camp, Bangladesh. Begging for a bag of rice

A woman, Rohinja, who left Myanmar for Bangladesh, holds her child in her arms and shouts to the volunteers who distribute help to give her a bag of rice.

Mexico City, Mexico. Hope is lost in debris

The hopes of relatives who have been buried in the ruins of the 7.1 Richter earthquake in Mexico are gone. The dead have now reached 273.

Salamis, Greece. Fuel oil destroyes the shores

The efforts of the Decontamination Workshops in Saronikos, which transformed to a black landscape due to fuel oil, are continuing intensively. The consequences of the ecological disaster caused by the leakage from “Agia Zona II” are incalculable, while the biggest pollution front is located in Salamis.