Shocking! Killed his best friend for a video

In a four-year prison sentence, Ricafort Gamboa was convicted of murder. It was running at 160 km / h and wanted to snap it up for Snapchat. The car that was driving while trying to reach 160 km / h crashed into a cottage, killing his friend. At the accident were injured another two passengers of the car.

Ricafort Gamboa from Bolton returned home with his three friends after spending their holiday in West Wales. His friends recorded with their mobiles at Snapchat while the car was approaching 160 km / h.

The young man lost control of the car and went off the road. The car crashed to a house wall. From the accident his best friend was killed the another two passengers were injured. At the video you can hear a blast just before the car is crashed to the wall of the house.

Gamboa appeared in court and admitted his guilt for dangerous driving that caused the accident. “I take full responsibility. My stupid decision to drive so quickly was the cause of the accident. I deserve punishment. I am very sorry for what has happened. ”

His lawyer claimed he felt so bad that he wished he was killed himself and not his friend. After being imprisoned for four years, Gamboa will be able to drive again after 5 years.