Shocking images of oversized mutant pigs with abnormally large muscles

Strong reactions, and anger caused by the pictures that have been released and show a farm in Cambodia where mutated pigs, which are abnormally muscular, are bred. These repulsive, almost terrifying creatures are almost certain to be a mutant and suffer because of their condition, as shown in the various videos posted on Facebook by the Duroc Cambodia farm.

The shots show that oversized pigs can not walk due to their muscles, so they hit them with wood to walk, and all of them also have disproportionate testicles. Duroc Cambodia reports that pigs belong to a very common breed of domestic pigs, which was launched in the US, and the farm owner is very proud of his flock, as shown by his many posts.

He regularly uploads photos and videos of the hogs and their journey from the moment they are born until they reach the incredible size they eventually have. Indeed, considering all this not only normal but also tempting, he does not hesitate to sell also the pigs’ sperm through the page for about 5 euros.

According to reports, the desire for so-muscular pigs is the result of a price increase for pigs according to their weight. Their demand in recent years has risen sharply, especially in China, the world’s largest pork market. Images have provoked the rage and condemnation of activists and ordinary citizens who denounce the use of s******s and hormones in animals in order to get that look. PETA’s reaction was intense, commenting on this:

“Hulk-like pigs are like a living nightmare and besides because they are genetically engineered they are probably born with terribly painful health problems.”

The first reports of breeding such pigs came to light in 2015 and the experiments were done in South Korea and China, where scientists have mutated a gene. The aim was to produce more lean high-yield meat. However, out of the 32 pigs that were bred only 13 survived until they were 8 months old, while only one was considered healthy.