Shocking images of a girl who had fake eyelashes

Many women put fake eyelashes. But when a woman entered the beauty institute of Emma Dhanjal desperately asking for fake eyelashes before her birthday, the owner of Emmaculate Beauty in Perth was terrified of what she saw.

“Please, do a market research. This poor girl has completely damaged her eyelashes, “Dhanjal told at the Institute’s Facebook ┬ápage.

Beyond the warning, Dhanjal also published a photograph of the woman’s damaged eyelashes. “She wanted lashes for her weekend birthday and I could not put her because she had no lashes left. Her natural lashes were so damaged by the fake ones, which fell when I touched them with the tweezers. ”

Dhanjal said her client had inflamed the eyelashes and had to see a doctor about the infection. “Her eyelashes may not be the same again. That should never happen to your lashes, please do not be afraid to put fake, if you do research and go to the right place, you can put it for years without a problem. ”

The experienced aesthetist concluded by saying that these were the worst eyelashes she had seen for seven years now dealing with it.

“I’m proud of my job and that makes me dismay that this is still going on out there. Make sure you know the past of the aesthetic who will put on your eyelashes. I just saw her eyelashes, I realized something was not going well. I was speechless, but I took them out immediately and advised her to go to a doctor. My advice for those who want to put lashes is to look at reviews and make sure the aesthetic knows what is doing. Prices are also important – whatever you give, you get.