Shocking images of a decapitated 18 month old baby

A murderer was released from the psychiatric hospital, decapitated the 18-month-old daughter of his niece, and roamed on the streets with his small head, according to eye-witnesses of the tragic incident. The 42-year-old man stabbed his nephew, mother of the dead girl.

The woman was seriously injured during the assault on the Russian city of Astrakhan, without her life being at risk. The man’s niece had previously asked the authorities not to let him out of the psychiatric hospital, fearing that he was still  dangerous after a woman’s murder six years ago, according to Daily Mail.

She tried to save her daughter Natalia, but he has been attacked by the 42-year-old while killing the child in the kitchen. Eyewitness said, according to the Daily Mail: “The little girl was his niece and his mother was cheating not to let him out of the psychiatric hospital. And look now how he ended up. He was running with her little head.

The authorities confirmed that the man had killed the child, injured the mother and that the man died in the hospital after a fire he had received from the police. Six years ago he had murdered a woman working in a shop in the same city, stabbing her many times while he was drunk.

The 42-year-old with paranoid schizophrenia and was jailed in a high-security psychiatric hospital for treatment. Recently, however, he was released.