Shocking: A 12-year-old raped his 4-year-old sister

He bribed his 4-year-old sister with chocolates to rape her. The whole drama unfolded in Sussex, England, and has been shaken since then. The young girl suffers from nightmares and separation anxiety. Her face changes whenever her brother’s name is mentioned.

“How can I stop crying Mom? Help me, help me. ”

The mother of the 5-year-old spoke to the court about the terrible wounds she had suffered then. At that time her brother was 12 years old. The court is examining how to handle the case for the 14-year-old boy today. The prosecutors told the crushed mother that she would have to wait even more for justice. The young girl was repeatedly raped by her brother while playing hide and seek in their home.

The minor bribed his sister with chocolates The minor bribed his sister with chocolates in order not to speak. “I saw only something I can describe as a shadow on my child’s face. This shadow returns every time his name is mentioned. He woke 5 times at night with nightmares. I still wake up crying and yelling at me. It is panicked if I leave her alone for a few minutes. Even if I go to another room. It hurts me so much seeing her anxiety.

She had to be ready for the court. To relive her wound. That was painful. She once cried uncontrollably for 45 minutes. Sometimes she asks me “how can I stop crying mom?” Unfortunately I know there will be more difficult times, “the minor’s mother told the court.

“In the long run she has to deal with the consequences of her traumatic experiences for the rest of her life. I’m so afraid of her future. Even when the court is over, it will continue for her. As a mother I find it totally scary, “she added.

The attacks were made in the spring of last year. Then she was just 4 years old. She told her mom what had happened while she was in the bathroom. At that time her brother was 12 years old. She showed her what her brother did to her using a doll and immediately called the authorities.

While initially the minor refused accusations, in the middle of the trial he changed his attitude. He was found guilty of second grade rape. The minor was released on bail until he was convicted by the Lewes Crown Court next month.