Shocked mother after seeing how much her baby weighted

This baby does not make headlines just because it’s adorable but also because of its large size Believe it or not, the mother of four children Chrissy Corbitt gave birth to a baby weighing 6 pounds. The average of newborn babies usually weighs about 3 pounds, which means that this baby was born much larger!

Chrissy said that during the caesarean section she listened to doctors and nurses laughing and excited about the newborn. This was the biggest baby they’d ever seen.
The mother had given birth to three more than average infants, each weighing about 4.5 pounds.

So, although Chrissy was a bit more experienced at the birth of heavier children, she admits that this was rather shocking.In an interview, the proud mother said, “It seemed like they were pulling a toddler from my belly. It was so great!

As soon as Chrissy and her husband Larry realized that their daughter would not fit in either diapers or newborn clothes they had bought, they wrote to companies to see if they could trade their purchases with products that had sizes for 6-month-old child!

Carleigh, was born 5 days before her date. “It could have been even bigger than it was. Chrissy did not take weight during the last 3 weeks of her pregnancy. But Carleigh was taking weight, “Larry said. While Carleigh’s weight at birth was certainly unusually high, we are pleased to report that both mother and baby enjoy extreme health!