Shock! Macron’s shameful video

Visit to the Whirlpool factory sold by Holland in the US and dismisses 300 workers in due to its definitive shutdown and transfer to Romania in 2018, was the “People’s Candidate”, ‘as he describes his pre-election campaign.
He could not meet with the workers, who furiously wanted to scuffle with him, but with the administration and trade union representatives.

The meeting was canceled and handshakes with the workers in order to promote and strengthen the profile of the “Candidate of the People”. The frustration under whispers, flashes, burning of car tires, anger from the workers.
“Lepen’s promise to close the border is a lie …” said Macron

And the video came after this visit by Macron to the fate of desperation and unemployment. Macron just boarded the car to go badly wrong, grabbing antimicrobial handkerchiefs and wiping diligently, like a surgeon, his hands that welcomed the “brutish workers” and were trade union representatives.