Sheryl Crow revealed secrets of Michael Jackson’s dark side

Ceryl Crowe spoke about her experience as one of Michael Jackson’s singers, revealing that she had “many questions” about pop star behavior.

Crow appeared with Jackson during the 18-month Bad Tour in the 1980s and later starred in the Dirty Diana video.

The singer revealed that she did not watch the controversial documentary, “Leaving Neverland,” which deals with Jackson’s many allegations of child molestation, but wonders “what were some of my thoughts? ».

“I haven’t seen the documentary and I don’t want to see it. I was close to some things that I thought were really weird and I had a lot of questions, “she said.

Crow recently spoke to The Guardian about Jackson, in which she said she remembered one of the children, James Saffetsik, who was a “great kid.”

“And yes, I mean, I’m sad and crazy with a lot of people. I feel like there was just a huge network of people that allowed all this to continue. It’s just tragic. “