She was shocked while harvesting carrots

84-year-old Mary Grams never thought she would find the ring of her engagement after 13 years, which she had lost.

Grams had lost her favorite ring in 2004 while in the garden, and after the failed attempt to find it, she thought she would never see it again.

But that did not happen. Her family, after 13 years, found herself in the garden and began harvesting carrots. One of this, however, was different from the others. It had the Grams ring in the middle.
“I recognized it immediately,” she told CBS for the ring found by Gram’s bride, Colin.

“I knew it belonged to my grandmother or my mother-in-law,” Collins said in turn.

The ring has been in the hands of Grams since 1951, when her husband Norman gave her a year before getting married.