Do we share our planet with new kinds of people? Doctor researcher claims to have found evidence

Doctor claims to have found evidence of a new kind of people living between us and having superior cognitive abilities due to their extraterrestrial DNA. Dr Mary Rodwell, a hypnotherapist and ufo expert, says she has spent years studying “Star chidren” – a hybrid of beings that originate from alien races.

According to Mary Rodwell, there is an increase in the number of young children who claim to be aliens and this has nothing to do with their contact with the media. In fact, this new human race stems from abductions and extraterrestrial experiments, which Rodwell could indirectly see through the regression therapy sessions she had performed with many patients who were abducted by aliens.

The experiences they shared with her were sufficient proofs for the researcher to believe that a new kind of people lives with us. According to Rodwell, ‘they can be upgraded. Children have a very conscious awareness of multidimensional experiences. While their parents were afraid of the children’s experiences, the children spoke in a very natural way about their experiences “according to yournewswire.

One thing that distinguishes these people from the rest is their different perception of the world. Rodwell believes that some of the Asperger and ADHD conditions diagnosed in these children are in fact a sign of hidden abilities arising directly from genetic manipulation by a technologically advanced extraterrestrial breed.

If this proves to be true, the so-called “wrong DNA” in our genome could provide us with a range of cognitive functions that have never been studied by science. Unlike in previous decades, today we have much more information about these syndromes. However, we have a lot to learn, as we still have no evidence of how one gene affects the other.

In general, modern science has not yet reached a level where it can fully understand and explain the subtle mechanism through which life is constantly upgraded. Professor Sam Chang of the human genome, one of the first experts to promote the idea that degraded DNA is of extraterrestrial origin, has the same view.

Although evolution depends greatly on adaptation, these processes take thousands of years to happen. Considering that there is such a large gap between two successive generations, the only logical explanation is that there must be an external factor responsible for this manipulation of the human genome.

What we are still wondering is if all humanity will eventually go to a “higher intelligence” when the aliens arrive, or we will become museum exhibits alongside Neanderthals …