Sex with her dog send her to jail

Her husband allegedly filmed the scenes – “You need a lot of help,” he said with a voice in what the judge heard In a 90-day prison sentence of up to one year, a 20-year-old woman was convicted in Pennsylvania, USA, as she confessed that she had sex with her dog and was found guilty of eight different categories of animal abuse.

Indeed, the judge who heard her apology was not detained and told her that she needed “too much help” while forbidding her to have pets in the future. According to the indictment, her 24-year-old husband captured her actions.

The case began to unfold when the 24-year-old’s sister handed a video to a Center for Abused Animals where the woman seemed to abuse the puppy. In total, four such videos were found.

“This is sick! You need help, a lot of help, “the judge exclaimed when the whole case was brought to him.

In addition to imprisonment, she imposed fine and forced social work while banning her from drinking.