Sex robots have come to stay, limits are recommended by the experts

The new report from the Responsible Robotics Institute in The Hague addresses a “sensitive” issue that will be of great concern in the future, and calls on society now to engage in a public debate about the future prospects of sex robots. Future use of robots for sexual use is unavoidable, but some limitations have to be set on their use, experts say.

At present, few companies (Android Love Doll, Sex Bot, True Companion, Abyss Creations, Sinthetics, Trottla etc.) produce simple man-made robotic dolls designed for sexual use. As manufacturers do not disclose the relevant data, it is unknown how many people today have such machines (usually in feminine form), with a price varying between about 5,000 and 15,000 euros.

But in any case, as stated in the report “Our Sexual Future with the Robots”,  is a matter of time to “explode” the number of both robots and their users as the revolution is maturing of artificial intelligence. Professor of robotics and artificial intelligence, Nell Sarki, of the University of Sheffield, according to the BBC and Reuters,  said the time has come for society to wake up to the new reality where people and robots will have sex.

“Policymakers and the general public must decide what is acceptable. We must think as a society what we want to do with this issue. I do not know the answers, just ask the questions, “he said. After the popular realistic dolls with silicone leather, available in natural and electronic sex shops, the next step is the dolls that move and talk. The next step is to make these sex dolls duly smart thanks to their artificial intelligence and who knows what else.

The report considers the use of such robots in whore houses of tolerance, in whore houses as a sexual partner for the loner and the elderly, in clinics in the role of a sexual “therapist”, but also of other people such as people with disabilities or psychosocial problems. The report raises the question of whether sexual robots will actually reduce sex crimes or if they will increase the problem.

There are already such Japanese “dolls” and a Canadian court examines whether their possession is legal or not. In Asia there are already whore houses using sex dolls instead of prostitutes. The report calls for a complete ban on sex robots for uses linked to sexual offenses.

It is a question, however, how far artificial intelligence has progressed in the upcoming years , so that it can genuinely create sexually robots that will convincingly imitate people’s movement and speech or even their feelings. This will largely depend on whether sexual robots will spread widely or their use will remain relatively limited.

A public opinion survey conducted in the context of the new report shows that about two-thirds of men and a third of women support the use of sexual robots in principle. Some experts do not rule out that in the future people and robots will fall in love with each other, while others are predicting nothing more than a more advanced pornographic relationship as they think that a robot will never be able to return real feelings to a man.