She sells her virginity and has seven conditions

A small search on various ad sites around the world can bring to light the usual sales of old objects and suggestions for very personal moments in a person’s life.

Looking at the Australian version of “Locanto” site, it will fall on one of those that has become viral over the past few days. It concerns a 19-year-old, who has decided to sell her virginity. This in itself is not news because a lot of people are getting to this point to save money. The particular thing in this case is that the young lady, besides the financial fee that she asks, also puts seven conditions before she goes with an interested party.

Aside from the $ 250,000 she wants, she wants the following:

1. Initially you should go to dine in a restaurant.

2. The erotic act should be done in a hotel, selecting the man who will “win”.

3. If the 19-year-old for some reason decides to go back, she may leave at any time.

4. Sex will be done using a condom.

5. There should be a deposit that will be agreed by both parties prior to erotic eruptions.

6. Sex toys and all forms of violence are prohibited.

7. It is forbidden to record the entire scene on a video.

In the photo below published by Sun you can see the ad and some photos of the girl who reportedly published it.