The secret of Jackie Kennedy’s shoes

It’s no coincidence that Jackie Kennedy became a timeless fashion Icon. The former First Lady watched her appearance until the last centimeter. Or to be more accurate, up to the last millimeter. In her book, “Jackie’s Girl: My Life with the Kennedy Family”, she is a longtime associate of the former First Lady of the United States, revealing her particularly demanding taste.

From 1964 to 1977, Kathi Macon lived in the Fifth Avenue apartment, under the responsibility of the Jackie wardrobe. “The wardrobe in the bedroom had the lady’s everyday clothes, all arranged according to their color,” writes Macon. “I’ve never seen such a dazzling choice of shoes, London-look boots, cushions in every color, crystal clear shoes for morning wanderings.”

Their soles, however, hid a fascinating secret. A small 6-millimeter bottom that puts on one heel in each pair of shoes, “apparently to offset one foot that was slightly smaller than the other,” her assistant claims. “Nobody could ever guess it.”

The 72-year-old is right. Even the biggest (and meticulous) fan of Jackie Kennedy did not know this detail. A grain of rice is higher than 6 millimeters. Perhaps this attention to detail explains why people still love the legendary style of Jackie Kennedy today.