The secret of Black Friday just revealed!






Black Friday is, the next day after Thanksgiving, marking the beginning of the Christmas trade season. This custom has gradually become internationalized since 2016. The interpretations that have been proposed for the origin of the name are many.

The most convincing seems to be the one suggested by the American newspaper “Philadelphia Inquirer” on the sheet of 28 November 1981. In the 1950s, when bookkeeping was handwritten, the accountants noted the red and black passivity and black profits, which for the merchant shops of that time started from this day and continued until Christmas.

According to another version, the term “Black Friday” was first used by roadside pilots in Philadelphia, USA to describe the great traffic there was on the streets that day and the workload for themselves due to discounts and the start of the Christmas period.

A newer interpretation released online in 2013 wants to sell slaves this day when slavery was in place in America before the Civil War. This view was almost immediately overthrown by historians.

However, the first opinion on the origin of the name Black Friday appeared in the Factory Management and Maintenance magazine in November 1951. It referred to the practice of officials to cut off their work on Friday after Thanksgiving, , in order to enjoy the four-day holiday.