Second death is related to vaping

A second adult in Amsterdam succumbed to a serious lung disease caused by the electronic cigarette, the US authorities announced on Sunday.

As reported by the BBC, citing information from the BBC, the Illinois Health Service announced that the patient or patient, whose name has not been disclosed, was between 17 and 38 years old. That death comes at a time when the United States is facing an outbreak of an unexplained pulmonary disease that authorities are linking to the electronic cigarette.

“Yesterday (Thursday) we learned of the death of an adult who had been hospitalized for a serious, unexplained lung disease after using an electronic cigarette,” said Illinois Egozi, the head of the health service.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced yesterday that it has recorded 193 cases of serious lung disease in 22 of the 50 US states linked to the electronic cigarette since late June.

This is a significant increase in just two days, as the CDC indicated on Wednesday that there were 153 cases in 16 states.

Symptoms that patients experience include weakness, shortness of breath, cough and in some cases vomiting and diarrhea.

The cause of the disease has not been identified, but all patients had recently used an electronic cigarette to inhale nicotine and in some cases cannabis.

“The severity of the disease people are suffering from is alarming. Everyone should be aware that electronic cigarettes and vapor can be dangerous, ”said Ezike.

The connection to electronic cigarettes has not yet been proven, however, warned Ileana Aria, the CDC’s infectious disease manager. Although the cases seem to be the same, “we do not know if they have the same cause or if they are different diseases that have the same symptoms,” he added.

For his part, CDC chief Robert Redfield said: “We are saddened to learn of the first death associated with a serious lung disease epidemic among e-cigarette users.”

“The tragic death in Illinois reinforces the serious risks associated with electronic cigarette products,” he added.

“Vapor exposes users to various substances for which we do not have enough information about the harmful effects they may have,” Redfield said, explaining that the electronic cigarette is not safe for children, young people, pregnant or even for adults who do not use tobacco products.