Scientists measure aliens’ signals

The new scale called “Rio 2.0”, which marks the possible extraterrestrial signals from zero to ten, was submitted for official approval to the Standing Committee on the Search for Alien Intelligence, established by the International Academy of Astronautics.

Researchers from the UK, the US, France, Hungary and the Netherlands, led by Dancan Forum of the Center for Exoplanetary Science at St Andrews University of Scotland, published the publication in the international journal of astrobiology “International Journal of Astrobiology” , according to the British “Guardian”.

At times, astronomers catch radio signals that look somewhat different from ordinary ones, but then, after careful analysis, their expectations for an alien contact – at least so far – have eroded each time – as the signals eventually seem to have a more “walking” (and earthy) origin.

A signal that would be rated “ten” would cause a real earthquake worldwide, as it would amount to “an extraterrestrial handshake,” as scientists have said, including astronomer Jill Tarter, co-founder and until recently head of research at the famous American The Institute of Foreign Intelligence Search (SETI), which inspired the scientist Elli Aroguei of Carle Seigan’s novel “Contact” and the role played by Johnny Foster in the homonym film

The new scale is freely accessible by the scientific community and the public at: