Scientists Find Traces of Industrial Plasticizers in Fast Food

No, this is not a hoax to get you eating vegan, Paleo, gluten-free, or whatever new fad dieting trend is out there. I mean, why would someone pull off such a cruel joke when it comes to your life’s sustenance like, say, a Whopper or a Big Mac? But you and I both know that fast food is stock full of the fakest ingredients anyone could eat, despite us living in complete denial and continuously stopping for drive-through at KFC, day in and day out. So, is it really that shocking that scientists have found new evidence of some more chemicals in fast food? We don’t think so…

A recent study published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal observes whether fast food or its packaging carries these plasticizers. The tested people showed high levels of a type of industrial plasticizer, called phthalates, in their urine after 24 hours of eating fast food. According to the scientists, these results point towards the food containing these chemicals. Consumer advocates of this material have long been advising the industry to avoid using them; however, this proves to be close to the impossible as these plasticizers are used in numerous products like cosmetics, detergents, vinyl flooring, and more to make the product more durable. Furthermore, finding phthalates in foods is the most unnerving and dangerous finding yet!

Moreover, traces of phthalates has also been found in processed meats and dairy products, and scientists attribute these findings to one of three reasons, either due to leaching from packaging, or to machinery during processing, or to gloves of workers.

The EPA has shown great concern in regards to these findings. They think phthalates in foods pose high risk on human health, and they have even classified it as “probable human carcinogen”. And while the scientists can’t prove that the elevated phthalates in the human urine was due to the fast food, they assure us that “the association is strong”.

I wonder how much financial loss will fast food monsters, like McDonalds, will suffer from these findings… probably none, as people won’t be taking this seriously!