Samsung tested the 5G connection on a Japanese train

In an effort to showcase its progress in 5G technology, Samsung has completed a 5G demonstration on a moving train in cooperation with the Japanese company KDDI, which is a phone provider. South Korea’s electronics maker, Samsung, used a 5G router and a radio test unit to reach 1.7Gbps at maximum speeds per second to capture 8K video and upload 4K video.

The high-speed train used in the tests traveled at an average hourly speed of 100 kph between two stations in Saitama, Japan. Both uploading and downloading capabilities were considered to be completely successful. Samsung has the ability to equip the 5G trains, which could be used to improve passengers’ entertainment and information services, and could well replace the existing slow Wi-Fi of the trains.

The head of the KDDI board, Yoshiaki Uchida, spoke about the test conducted in collaboration with Samsung, saying: “We are really happy about the outcome. KDDI is partnering with Samsung in 5G solutions since 2015 and plans to continue their partnership as it prepares to launch the 5G network by 2020.