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Sam Smith ’s Failed Dedication at the Oscars

We get it. Anyone who’s anyone, nowadays, wants to stand up for some cause or the other. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a softy for emotional, heartfelt activism and dedications; take Leo on climate change, Adam McKay on economic crooks, Alejandro Gonzalez on people of color, and of course, the best opening monologue ever by Chris Rock on racism.

However, Sam Smith hadn’t done his homework right on his cause; admittedly, dedicating his award for the LGBT community was a very sweet move, but had he simply stopped there, it would’ve been all fine and dandy. Yet Sam had to go the extra mile and falsely quote Sir Ian McKellen from an interview he had given earlier this year.

Sir Ian had said that “no openly gay man has ever won the Oscar” wondering if that was by “prejudice or chance” and speaking about winner for the Best Actor category specifically. However, poor misinformed Sam thought that he had meant “no openly man has ever won the Oscar”… ever!

So Sam, say hello to Sir Elton John, Bill Condon, and Dustin Lance Black, only to name a few. Not to mention, that Dustin has had a field day with Sam’s blunder taking to Twitter and saying:

However, Sir Ian McKellen was much classier and ever the gentlemen when he tweeted his correction, yet still congratulated Sam for his win:

So, kids, this is your lesson from uncle Sam to always, always think – and research – before you speak, or else you shall lose all credibility!