Saide LaBeouf was arrested

American actor Saide LaBeouf was again arrested by the police, this time Saturday morning in the US state of Georgia with charges of public class disorder and drunkenness.

Saide LaBeouf was arrested after asking for a cigarette by a passerby and a police officer. “When Mr. Lembev did not get the cigarette he had asked for, he was outraged and began to behave inappropriately and use inappropriate vocabulary infront of  the women and children who were present,” the police said in a statement.

When a police officer asked him to leave, the American actor behaved aggressively, and when he tried to arrest him, LaBeouf ran to seek shelter in a hotel lobby.

Eventually, he was arrested on charges of public order disruption, drunkenness in public, and obstruction of police work and transferred to the detention facility. The famous actor was released a few hours later when he paid $ 7,000 as a guarantee.

Saide LaBeouf, however, is well known for his issues wit the law as he is considered as Hollywood’s “Bad Kids”. In January, he was arrested after a police jam outside a New York museum where he sang “He will not divide us” during the direct broadcast of a protest against US President Donald Trump. In 2014 he was arrested for interrupting a show of the Cabaret musical in Broadway.