The sad relationship of Michael Jackson with his father

With Michael and his daughter Janet, their relationship can be described as simply “complex.” That’s because they were the two of his five children, who spoke publicly and with details of what they passed from their authoritarian father. Joe Jackson was the one who inspired Jackson 5 when his children were still young. And he was the one who, more in the small, Michael, exhausted all his severity.

“My father told us that if we stop singing, he stops and he loves us,” Michael Jackson had confessed to Oprah Winfrey, giving a taste of their complicated relationship. His father’s threat was something that did not go well. As he did not overcome the physical abuse he was practicing. “Did your father beat you?” “Yes, he took his belt and hit us,” he had revealed in another interview, “The King of Pop”.

“He was a very hard man. One glance was enough to scare me … I’m afraid … But I forgive him “he confessed in one of his last interviews. Joe Jackson, some say, saw his children as a “machine that would cut dollars” and others, that he wanted to reach them high but did it hard. Michael, he feared more than his siblings. He had once confessed that even a great one, every time his father entered the room, he felt his stomach tighten and felt the same horror as when he was a child.

Him and his sister Janet stopped calling him “Daddy” and called him with his name. As both have explained, paternity and this word are so sacred to give it to their father. And Michael may have been afraid of him, but he was the one who resisted the frequent beatings, and especially the one who came to the top.

Only with his talent and not with his father. Besides, the big “bam” did when he left his control and opened his own wings. He alone left him and then. Alone, without the support of his father, he also faced scandals that broke out one after another. Their relations were restored a few years before his death.

In an interview with him, the famous singer had admitted that he forgave his father and are in the process of trying to make up for what they have lost. Besides, he was already big and had changed many of his views. Besides, Joe Jackson had admitted that he was violating his children and let him add that he did it for … their good.

And as a father was bad, as a grandfather was totally the opposite. The grandchildren admit it, as did his children, when the news of his death came to light. If the love he offered to his grandchildren was in some way an “atonement”, he only knew it. However, the simple world, especially the fans of the unfortunate “King of Pop”, even today do not forget the martyrdom of their “idol” in the hands of the “tyrant” father.

Many rushed to comment on social media, causing the rage of the Jackson family. Typically, it is the way that Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, gave her a grandmother. With a loving message full of love, keeping for the last “goodbye” the beautiful memories she had with him, but also those her father had and had shared with her. Because in the end, they stay fine.