Russia’s most known conspiracy theory

It is a fact that every nation has its own urban myths and conspiracy scenarios. And in Russia, a country that fought so much with the USA in the Cold War, nothing but the No 1 conspiracy theory could have to do with that. A CIA plan, “Dulles Doctrine,” is said by US diplomat Allen Dulles, who became CIA’s first citizen, who was supposed to undermine Russia by knocking out its most valuable culture. A grim plan that, as the New York Times admit, remains “unknown to the West.”

And it was made known by a former Internet Research Agency official, one of the agencies who called for the US Department of Justice to explain his alleged involvement in the 2016 presidential election, who also spoke about his Dulles Doctrine. In Russia, therefore, the Dulles Doctrine is perhaps the most popular native post-Soviet conspiracy theory, Alexander Panchenko, a professor of literature at the Russian Academy of Sciences, who has been studying the CIA’s secret plan for years.

So there is a fake document, the very heart of the conspiracy that wants the US Central Intelligence Service to scrap a comprehensive strategy to undermine Russia by causing “chaos and panic”. To defeat Russia, the document tells us, you must kneel its citizens from within. “Dulles Doctrine” began to play naturally in Russia in the early 1990s, just after the fall of existing socialism.

They attribute it to Allen Dulls, the first citizen to become the director of the CIA there at the beginning of the Cold War, and still remains the longest-running head of the Service, a man behind many, such as the coup in Guatemala in 1954, the overthrow of democracy Iran’s elected government, and even the Gulf of Pig.

He wrote the allegedly named design in the 1940s and, with grand proclamations, would defeat the Soviet Union by striking where it would hurt most, to its own values. How; “Putting on the consciences of the world the culture of sex, violence, sadism and betrayal, with one word immorality.”

In this corrupt version of Russia, “bureaucratic interceptions will come in value. Sincerity and class will be ridiculed as if they did not need anyone, as an anachronism. ” The purpose is to establish malignity and irritability in the USSR, “rudeness and insults, lies and scams, alcoholism and drug addiction, brutish fear of everyone and everything, impiety, betrayal, nationalism and battles among ethnic groups and, above all, hatred for the Russian nation. ”

The first references to the Dulles Doctrine were made in 1992 by the communist newspaper Narodnaja Pravda before they spread to the Russian media and were grafted with many more myths, such as the protocols of the Sons of Zion. Despite the fact that today’s cool scientific analysis has concluded that Doble Doctrine is another fake, its response to a portion of society has not subsided.