The Russians built the “Terminator”. Humanoid robot shoots with both hands and is ready for space

The humanoid robot FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) is preparing for his trip to space, and specifically at the International Space Station in 2021 and enriches his knowledge. His latest achievement is the newfound ability to shoot with both hands, according to posting on Twitter that made the deputy prime minister of Russia Dmitri Rogozin.

According to the Russian official is not going to create an “terminator” but goal is to learn the robot based on complex algorithms to proceed directly to evaluation of situations, putting in its priority objectives and make decisions. “We are not creating a terminator but an artificial intelligence that will have great practical utility in various fields,” said Rogozin, as transmits the Sputnik.

This robot will help astronauts for external work taht needs to  be done on the International Space Station.  But as the first space trip of Russian next generation  will be done in 2021 became known will not be with human staff and head of the trip will be FEDOR.

The new spacecraft will replace the now obsolete Soyuz. Regarding FEDOR it is able to use a range of tools, know how to screw a light bulb and can drive a car.