Rock Star Prince Known as ‘Brother Nelson’ in His Jehovah’s Witness Congregation

Everyone knows Prince. The fabulous music, the glamorous style, the promiscuous life… but no one ever really knew Prince as a devout religious man. The beloved star was a devoted member of his congregation, the St. Louis Park, Minnesota, Jehovah’s Witness Kingom Hall. His fellow believers did not care for the shining rock star persona, but knew him simply as “Brother Nelson”.

Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, converted to Jehovah’s Witness back in 2003. And ever since, he has been a very loyal and caring member in his congregation. Anna Barry, a member of Prince’s congregation, tells PEOPLE magazine that he was a humble and good man. He toned down his outrageous style when he attended, and wore a simple suit and tie. “You wouldn’t have picked him out,” says Barry, meaning Prince just looked like every other believer in attendance. Barry also said, “He [witnessed] in the beginning. He was able to talk to those who the rest of us would never be able to talk to – celebrities, for example.” Barry last saw Prince on March 23 at the Christ’s death memorial. She sensed that Prince wished to be treated just like everyone else, and that he wanted to be private.

On Thursday, Prince was found dead, at age 57, in his Paisley Park estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota. He was alone and unresponsive, and the authorities have yet to release a cause of death. However, they have said that his body had no visible signs of trauma, and there was no reason to suspect that he died of suicide. Prince’s autopsy took place on Friday, and despite rumors of an overdose, no official report has yet been released.