Robotic hand with human muscles!


Bio-hybrid robot call it scientists at the Tokyo University’s Institute of Industrial Science in their study published in the Science Robotics Review. Their muscles were taken from baby mice and then developed them in laboratory, before applying them to the robotic hand and firing them with electrodes.

Cyborgs are not just a dream of science fiction but also of science itself for decades. Only such an attempt ended in total failure. So far all this, as well as another thing to make robots, to make them alive. But here they seem to have succeeded, as the muscles worked for a whole week without dysfunctions and paraplegia, “working just like in a body,” Shoji Takeuchi observes in the experiment.

The bionic system even worked with precision in a series of tests, from moving small objects to the placement of rings on wooden ends. “These robots can imitate human finger movements,” says Yuya Morimoto, head of study.

Despite the awkward still moves of the bio-hybrid hand and the fact that to keep the muscles alive in life must be dipped in aqueous solutions, it is a huge step forward. Cyborgs come and nothing can obviously prevent them …