Robert Deniro swearing and screaming at driver in front of cameras. Shocking video!!!

Robert De Niro went to New York due to the divorce with his wife
Grace Hightower on Thursday and left angry , covering his face with newspapers to avoid cameras.

The 75-year-old actor dodged reporters and photographers at all costs by covering his face with his morning papers and made quite the scene as he headed out to meet his driver. 

All started when Robert De Niro‘s driver wasn’t waiting for him at the back of the court house, he was really angry and started screaming and swearing at him.  

‘He’s in the wrong spot. I’m standing right where he dropped me off. What the f**k!’ he said while on the phone to his driver, still armed with his newspapers.

‘I don’t care if they chase you away… F**k. What’s the matter with you? Where are you?… This is ridiculous!’ he said raising his voice before ending the call.