Robert De Niro: “Hollywood has become a tragic, stupid comedy”

Robert De Niro, the American famous actor, has gone really mad. The two-time Oscar-winning actor speaking to Brown University graduates said that “from a cinematic point of view” the country was once “an inspiring and rejuvenating drama,” but now it has turned into “a tragic, devious comedy.”

The 73-year-old actor urged his young listeners to “work to stop this insanity” and try to make the world better.

De Niro was honored by the University as he was awarded a Doctor of Fine Arts.

Among those who received an honorary degree from Brown University were actor and rapper Davis Dicks, who won a Tony Award for his role in the play by Lin Muenlong Miranda “Hamilton”. Diggs, speaking to university graduates, said the country needs their new ideas “because the big ones have already done a lot of things.”