Robert De Niro: I can not stand prison

He would not be able to withstand the prison, actor Robert De Niro said in a new film, The Wizard of Lies, performing the scammer Bernard Madoff. As the actor told at the premiere of the film at MoMA: “I could not stay for a long time in a prison. Not more than a year if I was lucky. ”

“I could stand in isolation for no more than a month,” added the 73-year-old actress. For her part, Michelle Pfeiffer, the film’s leading actor, merely stated that “my overall view of Bernard Madoff since I was making this film is not a good guy.”

Bernard Madoff confessed guilty to 11 charges in cheating investors, from which he received about $ 65 billion by applying the famous Ponzi scheme for more than 20 years. Today, at age 79, he is sentenced to 150 years in prison in a federal prison in North Carolina.

Robert De Niro and Michele Pfeiffer’s TV scripts are based on Diana Herrick’s book of the same name with additional material from Lori Sandel’s book “Truth and Consequences,” which aims to put viewers in the backstage of Madoff’s Ponzi and disaster which he left for his 13,500 victims, but also for his family.

The film is directed by Bary Levinsson and also played by Hank Azaria in the role of Frank Daipaskali, who was the right hand of Madoff in the Ponzi system and Alessandro Nivola in the role of his son, Mark.