Robbie Williams reveals his health problem

Details of his health adventure revealed Robbie Williams in a recent interview. The superstar said that he spent seven days in an Intensive Care Unit when doctors diagnosed an anomaly in his brain. The singer canceled his tour in Russia in September because of this sudden illness and later revealed he had been hospitalized.

Speaking to The Sun, he revealed that he experienced this serious situation in the Zurich stage dressing room on September 2nd. As he says “My right shoulder was numb, I could not stop my shawls from running out of my mouth. I had a terrible headache and a problem with my breathing. I could not get a normal breath. ”

Immediately a doctor was notified and informed the 43-year-old star that he could not continue the demanding program of his tour.

“I see myself as a soldier. I want to finish and go to Russia for my last two concerts in any situation and if I am, “he declared, but that is not possible.

He first went to London for medical examinations and was then hospitalized in the ICU. “I did medical examinations and analytical magnetic tomography across my body, in the heart and brain, and there were some anomalies, including something in my brain that looked like blood.”

“It was very strange to suddenly while on my tour get at the hospital,” says Williams and  also how much it cost him that he could not see his family who were in America.

“I had a person who took care of me 24 hours a day and knew I was in good hands. Somewhere in me I knew everything would go well “, he says. After 7 days he left the hospital but still could not travel. “I had to do nothing that tired me for a few weeks and I needed rest and sleep.”

“I think this adventure taught me that I am 43 and not 23, and I need to treat my body much better,” said Robbie Williams declaring altered and ready to face the new facts in his life.