These are the richest holders of cryptos

Cryptos are at the center of international confrontation for a number of reasons, and recently BIS has argued in their report that in their present form they will disappear, yet in the meantime they have created a new generation of millionaires and billionaires.

According to Forbes, we are presenting people who have been able to get rich by crying “the wave” of cryptocurrencies in time and without much investment. Although not close to the world’s largest property, their combined net worth is close to the GDP of countries like Cambodia, Honduras or Cyprus.

One factor that clearly differentiates them from other multimillionaires is their age: none of them are over 60, and the younger, Brian Armstrong, has managed to accumulate significant wealth just at 35-year-old.

Their nationalities also shed light on the geographical scope of the cryptos frequencies: it is not surprising that US and Canadian citizens dominate the list. However, there is an “intruder” to this North American breed: Changpeng Zhao, the Chinese Chief Executive Officer of Binance, one of the largest crypto exchangers.