She rented her home for 3 weeks and when she returned she had to pay 11,000 euros!

Advertising your home on Airbnb’s rental platform for many is an opportunity to make some extra money. This was what Laurie Synakowski thought when she decided to register the maisonette she owned.

The tenant who was presented did not tell her what he was going to do, as the rating he had from the previous user who gave him his home was good. However, this was not confirmed as what she really saw after 3 weeks , was at least shocking.

This is because the Canadian and the friends he had apparently brought had turned the house into a battlefield. Damaged furniture, broken objects, impurities outside the toilet, even on beds, dozens of bottles of alcohol, and there were traces of drug use.

Of course, he immediately called the police to report the incident, contacted Airbnb’s officers, and now awaits the platform’s assessor to assess the extent of the damage.Until then, she called one of her own, who, in addition to disinfecting her home, told her that she needed about 11,000 euros to repair the damages.