Recap of The Most Interesting Moments at The iHeartRadio Music Awards

We shall refrain from judging you for not watching the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2016 on Sunday night… because let’s face it, who did other than every 15 year old out there? But regardless, you must thank the gods we are here to report this highly important event; laughing is quite vital to your health after all, and as always, we’ve got you covered.

So one of the highlights of Sunday night was definitely Justin Bieber’s hair. We seriously cannot guess what this guy has on his mind these days, but whatever’s on his head looks like a beat-up wet cat. We would like to take a moment of silence to console and congratulate Canada. The former for making him, and the latter for happily getting rid of him… (you probably guessed we don’t like him much)

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (5622624o) Justin Bieber iHeart Radio Music Awards, Show, Los Angeles, America - 03 Apr 2016

Moving on to the funniest part of the evening. Justin Timberlake brought Trump jokes along with him to the awards. Um, well it would’ve been funny for anyone who happened to be over 15 in attendance. Let’s just leave it at that.

As for the other bright starling of the evening, Zayn Malik, the boy finally got to bathe in the spotlight he has so longed for since he split up with his bffs. Shortly after his first solo album was debuted, Zayn got to prance around the stage, basking in the success that his fellow Directioners weren’t part of.

Finally, we get to Taylor Swift. Because what’s an award show without her harvesting a few awards for the road? Other than high praise from the Biebs, Taylor got her 1989 World Tour added to the Hall of Fame, and spent the night making googly eyes at her boo, Adam (or Calvin Harris for the rest of us, mere humans).