Rajoy resigned from the Spanish Prime Minister

The pressure recently adopted by Mariano Rajoy seems to have led him to leave Spain’s prime minister, as it has been known today in the Spanish Parliament.

The Spanish prime minister acknowledged his defeat before the vote on the motion of censure tabled by the Socialist Party. As the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency transmits, it is announced that the vote will begin at 11:01 local time, which was announced by parliament’s president, Ana Pastor.

The head of the conservative party largely paid the Giourtel case, which caused a great deal of turmoil on the political backdrop of Spain. The outgoing Spanish prime minister has been in power since December 2011, but he is also the first in the Iberian country to be “dropped” by a motion of censure.

“We can assume that the motion of censure will be voted on. As a result, Pedro Sanchez will become the new president of the government, “Rahoy said in a brief speech to Parliament, then congratulating his opponent.