Queen Elizabeth breaks royal protocol after 43 years

Maybe while she is a queen, she has seen 13 Prime Ministers leave and come, but these elections will seem to be the most tedious for Queen Elizabeth, as she is totally spoiling her summer vacation.

The Queen, therefore, seems not to be found in what the garten party wanted because of Britain’s early elections on June 8, while it has already canceled the honorary award of Garner Knights so that she can attend her Parliament.

Thus, 11 days after Britain’s election, Queen Elizabeth and the Edinburgh Duke will visit the British Parliament to welcome the new Prime Minister, even wearing normal clothes and not the traditional navy and crown as they used to do at the day of the battalion.

The last time this was happening was in 1974, when the second round of elections was held, with Harold Wilson taking over as Prime Minister.

Indeed, the palace also issued a special announcement on the change, stating:

“In order for Her Majesty to be able to attend the parliamentary and constitutional process, the Queen’s commitment program has been revised.
“As a result, the annual service for the Garter Battalion, that was going to place on 19th of June, will be canceled. The Garter knights and those who attended the ceremony have been informed.