Queen Elizabeth approves Brexit

Shocking appearance by Queen Elizabeth in her annual speech to the House of Lords. On the occasion of the British decision to leave the European Union, the queen surprised everyone with her appearance. The Queen instead of the classic royal clothes combined with jewels and of course the crown chose a quite different look.

She dressed like the European Union by choosing a blue tacer and a corresponding colored hat with blue flowers with yellow pollen that clearly refers to the flag of the European Union.
The photos have become viral on the internet with commentators giving their own performances as the palace has not taken a position for or against Brexit. She has also made no comment on the subversive appearance of the queen.

Let’s also look at the previous queens’ appearances in the same speech, which show that it was moved outside the protocol. In 2011, the speech was received due to changes in its timing. (Instead of autumn was done after the end of spring).