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Putin and Obama at the latest UN assembly

The most powerful and famous World leaders are taking part in the 70th UN General Assembly held in New York City. This is a very crucial event, because many serious problems have emerged in recent times such as the refugee crisis in Europe and the various wars in Middle-East. Furthermore, this assembly represents the perfect occasion to discuss about the threat of Terrorism and ISIS. According to The Guardian “In geopolitics, this is the greatest show on earth; For the best part of a week, the world’s leaders – more than 150 of them – will mingle, bargain and argue over the state of the world”1.

Obviously, other relevant issues are going to be covered and discussed such as Global Warming, climate change and new solutions to support the development of poor countries. The most attended guest seems to be Vladimir Putin, who is gaining more and more importance on the international political scene. It’s quite well known that the Russian Leader wants to defeat ISIS in Syria through a new military strategy. It is also true that Mr. Putin has a strong alliance with the Syrian dictator Assad and doesn’t have problems in financing and supporting him to fight terrorists. On the other side, the Western nations don’t like his alliance with the Assad’s regime and prefer to act in a different way.

The most important question is wether Russia and American are able to establish a common agreement. Lately, the US government has turned away from Moscow after the war in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. According to NBC News Putin said “Russia’s presence in Syria was under entirely legal international contracts”2. Furthermore, He “criticized U.S. efforts to train moderate opposition and suggested Washington was in violation of international law by supporting non-state structures”3.

On the other side, Barack Obama expressed his personal views about many problems during this general assembly. Particularly, he released some controversial comments about the Russian policy in Ukraine. According to The Guardian he said “We can’t stand by when the sovereignty of a nation is flagrantly violated; If that happens to a sovereign nation like Ukraine in can happen to any nation here”4. Lastly, he underlined the necessity to create a valuable international cooperation to guarantee peace and prosperity in the World. Probably, he alluded to the possibility to create an international coalition against ISIS and Terrorism.

After all, the most important event of the day was the intervention of Ban Ki-Moon, the UN General Secretary. During his speech he talked about the recent refugee crisis in Europe and underlined the importance to help and to rescue these desperate people. He said about this issue “I urge Europe to do more; We should not be building fences or walls, but above all we must look at root causes, in countries of origin”5.