Prostitute died from awkward and extreme sex






Shock has caused the death of a 26-year-old woman who found horrible death during a sexual act when she fell from the balcony on the fifth floor. For the mysterious death of the prostitute, a British tourist whith whom she allegedly had “strange and weird sex” was arrested, police spokesman said.

The unfortunate Wannipa Janhuathon, 26-year-old, suffered a fatal blow to the head and overwhelming fractures all over her body, falling naked from the balcony of the hotel room that the young British had closed at dawn on Saturday.

The police searched the empty room, where they discovered clothes, used condoms, and a half-empty box of pills that strengthen erectile function, and then unleashed a manhunt to find the suspect. 25-year-old Reece Vella was arrested in bars in the area and was taken to the detention center on Sunday (07/01).






In his possession was found the mobile of the unfortunate girl. He admitted to the Thai Principles that before his sexual intercourse with the prostitute he had been using drugs and then engaged in sexual acts on the balcony when the unfortunate girl slipped and fell.

Worried and knowing he was in the country with an expired visa, he tried to hide and booked a room to another hotel.

“An arrest warrant has been issued and the evidence we have collected against him will be brought to court. Mrs. Wannipa and Mr Vella had extreme sex on the balcony when she fell and was killed. Mr. Vella shocked run away and tried to hide, and leaving the room he grabbed her cell phone to clear his traces. Then he stole a motorcycle to run away, “the police spokesman told the reporter.